Asked August 28, 2018, 6:25 AM EDT

Why have my blueberries stayed white, small and dropped off even though they have been fed and watered through the heatwave we've had? Some turned green but no blue and didn't even produce a hand full of them.

Outside United States blueberry production

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I am sorry there is really no enough information to answer your question.
I cannot think of a reason why the berries would have fallen off the bush while still green before they ripen unless there was poor pollination at bloom. How may different kinds of bushes do you have and how low was the fruit on the bush.
Where are you located?

I have two giant blueberry bushes, both same plants. Fruits started only in top branches. Climate is in North Wales UK. Both bushes were laden with fruit last year. My raspberries are close by and are fine.

Still clueless. Did the plants bloom all over? Did it rain during bloom?
How long was the fruit on the bush?
I am really just guessing