Light yellow leaves on maple tree

Asked August 27, 2018, 4:03 PM EDT

We have a beautiful 19 yr old maple that two years ago has lost its dark green colored leaves. The leaves are already starting to fall. It use to turn bright red in the fall but the last couple years they just fall off. We’ve had it treated for iron several times but nothing seems to work. What can we do?

Jefferson County Colorado

1 Response

While maples are susceptible to iron chlorosis, for which iron supplements are sometimes helpful, other possible causes of the tree's symptoms may be cultural, such as irrigation issues. It would be helpful for you to bring a sample of an affected branch and leaves to the Jeffco Plant Diagnostic Clinic ($7 fee for Jeffco residents), located at the Jeffco Fairgounds (address 15200 W 6th Ave., Golden 80401) along with photographs of the entire tree, to show affected areas, and to show the planting environment.