Knockout Rose / rosette disease

Asked August 27, 2018, 1:54 PM EDT

We have the rosette infestation in three mature plants (7 years old) along our front walk. If we replace them, can we use new knockouts or is the soil contaminated? If so, what is the best replacement for colorful specimen plants between a hedge and porch?

Baltimore County Maryland

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If you have rose rosette, you will have to remove the plants and discard. Pruning will not control it. The soil should not be an issue. See our website on rose rosette

Please send us photos of the whole plants and affected foliage so we can see what you may be dealing with. Also, let us know the site conditions and the mature height and width if you need possible replacement plants.


Thank you. I will send images
1. site from northeast
2. site from southwest

Your home and gardens are lovely.
We are happy you sent photos.
We do not see signs of rose rosette disease in any of your photos. New growth of roses is often red.
Plants are getting tired this late in the season. Yours look sparse but healthy and would likely fill in next season if you are willing to wait.
Be sure to not pile mulch too deeply (no more than a few inches), and always pull it back away from contact with trunks and stems of plants.

If you want to replace them, you could plant knock outs in that same area.