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Asked August 27, 2018, 1:47 PM EDT

Looking on your web page I have quite a few grass weeds and other weeds in my lawn. I have bought products from southern states, tractor supply and lowes and sprayed my lawn 4 times this year. Does not seem to kill it. Now I have the crab grass and other fall grass weeds coming in pretty heavy. What can I use to finally kill these weeds/ grass and not kill my lawn? I have approx. 2.5 acres. Thank you

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We are glad you have asked and we are happy to help.

Please don't spray or treat until you read the following link to our
Guide to Controlling Weeds in Cool Season Turf as it contains important information to be aware of.

Lawn management can have a lot to do with how many and what types of weeds you have, and the best way to control different weeds is based on an understanding of the life cycle (annual or perennial? summer or winter germination? grassy or broadleaf?) of each type of weed.
A good thick stand of turfgrass impedes the ability of weed seeds to germinate.
Mowing too short can stress and thin your turf. Aim for keeping it around 3 1/2 inches, and only remove a third of the blade height at each mowing.
Leaving grass clippings to lie and naturally decompose is best, and is similar to giving your lawn a dose of fertilizer.
As for why identification is important before reaching for herbicides, you might be having problems with something like Nutsedge, which looks like grass, but isn't, so the chemicals you are spraying will not work. (and has negative environmental impact).
So our first step would be to help you identify what weeds you have.
Can you send photos of some of them? Photos can be attached directly to this reply.
Here is our weed gallery to help you get started:

Here is our turf management publication that will help:

Lastly, our idea of the 'perfect lawn' needs to change a bit. With a lot the size of yours, it's not practical or environmentally sound to expect a golf-course type lawn. It's o.k. to have some weeds, many of which have value to pollinators and other life forms. From a distance, they just look green. Perhaps focus your efforts at the areas right around your home.