Help I'm being overcome by creeping charlie!

Asked August 27, 2018, 10:44 AM EDT

I live in Cokato in the country and have this awful stuff over much of my 6.5 agrees. I do not use chemicals in or outside my house for bugs or weeds. So can you suggest something organic to fight this stuff and a "recipe" for how much of this organic stuff to mix with water? Borax helps a little and I read that "triclopyr" is suppose to work too. I appreciate your assistance! Thank you, Gloria Caballero

Wright County Minnesota

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Creeping Charlie, as I am sure you know, is difficult to control. With the large quantities you mention it is likely you will not eradicate with a natural solution or even spot treatments. While invasive, Creeping Charlie is a hardy ground cover. With your average you could think of maintaining much of it and choosing small areas where you focus on turf. To do this you likely will need to kill off a full area and reseed or sod. Below is an article that speaks to creeping charlie, it’s growth patterns and options for reduction or removal.