Is this really organic soil?

Asked August 27, 2018, 9:22 AM EDT

Hello! I am part Community garden group in Chikaming Township in Berrien county, Mi. Everything in this garden is to be organic, no chemical pesticides, herbicides, ferilizers, etc. We have a big compost pile, a leaf pile, wood chips, and the manure pile. Well, when they ordered and had the latest delivery of manure brought in, it looked nothing like the usual manure that we had in the past. I asked about it and was told that it was organic manure and completely deposed. It sure didn't look like decomposed manure to me. It looks like black dirt with a lot of pea gravel mixed in. I did not like the looks of it. My brother went ahead and sifted it and used it as the top layer in has raised bed to start his seeds. And since he used it, I decided to use it as the top new layer to start a row of lettuce and spinach. Well, In both areas, not one seed germinated!!! I'm wondering if they garden leader bought some toxic dirt! Can I send in a sampler or two for testing?

Berrien County Michigan

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The only contaminant testing we can do in the MSU Lab is for salts. The sodium analysis is $7 and the chloride analysis is $10. For other contaminants you could contact Fibertec Lab in Holt, MI. Their phone number is 517-699-0345.