Eradicating Poa trivialis

Asked August 27, 2018, 7:36 AM EDT

Hi all - I live next to a golf course that has closed and returned to prarie. All kinds of grasses and weeds that I am now battling. Thistle is all around me. Bent grass has invaded my lawn but I’m controlling it with Tenacity. Now I’ve discovered poa trivialis and I’ve not found any selective herbice to treat it. Any suggestions on how to eradicate poa trivialis? It’s dormant now and I’m raking it out where I can and now have bare spots. Can I just re-seed or do I need to apply glysophate? Thank you! Craig

Washtenaw County Michigan

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There is not a product that can be used in the home lawn as a selective herbicide. A study from the University of Nebraska details ways to reduce Poa trivialis which allows other grasses to out compete this grassy weed. It also details use of non-selective herbicides and the correct timing for use on this grass, along with reseeding the areas as the rough bluegrass is in decline from use of herbicides in spring. See the following research information:
The one area that rough bluegrass is not easily managed is where the soil stays wet from poor drainage or from heavy watering.