Paw Paw Tree looks unhealthy?

Asked August 26, 2018, 6:39 PM EDT

So I've asked about this previously but have now taken photos of the entire tree. Can someone please tell me if my mulch is placed properly, if the placement of the tree is adequate, if the damaging of the leaves are due to the extremely dry and hot conditions we've had or something else. I'm concerned by the over all appearance of the tree, its leaves are most concerning. So I guess my overall question is, is my Paw Paw looking up to par, are there things that I can do different to improve it if it is not?

Multnomah County Oregon

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The mulch may be a little too close to the crown of the plant. Please allow ~4" from the base of the plant to be completely clear of the mulch. I'm not an expert on paw-paws, but in general, I think the tree looks fine. If you are expecting to get fruit, you may have trouble because paw-paws are generally not self-fertile. I found some articles you may find helpful and

It can grow to about 25 ft but if it's been grafted onto dwarf root stock, it may not grow that tall. Almost all plants have been showing some heat stress so as long as the tree is getting at least five gallons of water per week, it should be fine.