Weed ID

Asked August 26, 2018, 3:34 PM EDT

What is this weed that I found growing in a shady fern bed in my home landscape? I didn’t see its flowers. Seed pods are tiny and bristled.

Baltimore County Maryland weeds plant identification native circaea lutetiana

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We think this may be Broad-leaved Enchanter's Nightshade (Circaea canadensis (Linnaeus) Hill subsp. canadensis)
which is a plant native to Maryland.

Here is a page from the Maryland Biodiversity website that you can compare:


Thank you, that certainly looks like it. I have not noticed this before in my gardens. Do you have any information on how "weedy" it might be? Those little seeds definitely stick to things, like my garden gloves. I'm a native plant proponent, but don't know if this is a problem plant or not. Should i be assiduous about weeding it out, or not worry about it?

We really don't know in that of the three of us here today we have not seen it before.
That could suggest it is well-behaved (and native is great) but we can't really say.
The sticky seeds suggest it could spread.
Certainly you could let it go for a while before you decide.