How to Treat Choanephora Rot

Asked August 26, 2018, 1:04 PM EDT

The flowers on my yellow squash are falling off or those that do bear fruit are turning black at the ends. I did some on line research and I determined that it is caused by a fungal disease called Choanephora Rot. What can I do to treat this fungal disease and possibly save some of my squash crop?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Choanephora fruit rot starts on blossoms and is worse during wet weather. Prevent it by removing the flower when fruit starts to enlarge.

Here are some other possibilities.
If the fruit ends turn brown/black it could be blossom-end rot (calcium deficiency caused by uneven soil moisture and/or low calcium levels in soil).

Poor pollination. If too few bees visit flowers, the immature fruits may shrivel and drop.