How long will the weevils live?

Asked August 26, 2018, 9:15 AM EDT

I hopefully have removed all the food sources for the weevils, but I know my empty pantry still has them in there. I have thoroughly cleaned it, but I keep finding a few when I go back in. (I have taped all the doors so they can’t get out hopefully.) How long do the weevils live for before they do die from a lack of food source? How long should I avoid using my pantry to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Chester County Pennsylvania weevils

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Good Morning:

I would use the brush on the end of your sweeper hose to vacuum along the crevices where the shelves meet the sides of your pantry. This should remove any eggs as well as any weevils remaining in the pantry. You should be able to use the pantry again after completing that task. I would place all your food products in sealed heavy plastic, metal or glass containers that prevent weevils from chewing their way in to the food products.

If you continue to see weevils, I would search for another food source. This article has a list of potential food sources under the control section.