Do my blackberries have redberry mite?

Asked August 25, 2018, 3:25 PM EDT

I was doing some research regarding why so many of our thornless blackberries are not ripening evenly this year. It seems like most of them do eventually ripen. I ran across this article about the redberry mite. if the blackberries don't ripen evenly - and look like those in the picture of the previous question - does that mean we have redberry mite? Could it be something else causing the problem? We live in SW WA.

Clark County Washington

1 Response

Hello, Redberry mites will cause the berry to get hard and pithy in the druplets that they feed on. If they eventually ripen, it does not sound like redberry mites. Collect a sample and take it to your local master gardener office. They will help you determine what may be causing the problem.