how to remove noxious weeds from a quarter-acre field

Asked August 24, 2018, 8:34 PM EDT

Hi, our small grass field has been neglected, and now I would say it is 50% blackberry brambles (Himalayan and evergreen), thistles, and bindweed. What is the best way to remove them? We have started to mow the field twice a year, but they grow right back (although aren't given a chance to seed). There are many honeybees, bumblebees, and others on our property, so I would rather avoid large-scale herbicide application. I have tried cutting individual, larger blackberry canes to the ground and painting the stumps with herbicide, but that has not been very effective. Perhaps I was using the wrong herbicide. I've tried hand-digging the roots of mowed blackberries (with a mattock), but some of them are about ten years old and so far I've found roots with knots up to six inches in diameter. of course this is a really back-breaking and slow process. I used to just pull the thistles up relatively easily, but now the plants are years old, and the roots are too deep to completely pull up. As for the bindweed...well, I do what I can with pulling it, but from what I have read it's extremely unlikely that I will be able to eradicate the stuff. As that's not working for me, and I don't want to use herbicide that harms insects, I was wondering about ploughing. I've been trying to get a better grass in the field anyway, something relatively short and/or native. I hope that once ploughed, it will be kind of easy to pull up what's left? I have no idea. This has been worrying me for a long time. I haven't wanted to do the wrong thing. What course do you recommend? Thank you so much. I can send images if it would help. Kathleen Casey 3495 River Rd S Salem, OR 97302

Marion County Oregon

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Give me a call, 503-931-5163 and we can talk about options. Gene P