Type of Plant to Hold a Bank from sliding

Asked August 24, 2018, 6:32 PM EDT

I live in Reedsport on the Oregon coast and have an slopping bank that was fill. I need to know what I can plant that will help stabalize it. Do you know of something I can plant that isn't expensive to do this job.

Douglas County Oregon erosion control

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Depending on how large an area you have, for a modest size slope I would suggest planting any sedge plants. They are fairly low growing ornamental bunch grasses that are pretty deep rooted. They will hold the bank well, can take rain and a dry season. This group of plants are all in the Carex family. Their are dozens of them and they are all attractive.

On a large slope you may want to just seed a deep rooted grass like tall fescue.

Another option is to plant low growing shrubs that spread over time like point reyes ceanothus, contoneaster horizontalis, Salal, creeping mahonia. These are all tolerant of a rainy site in winter if allowed to dry out in the summer. If on a slope they can tolerate the wet soil too. These plants can be placed several feet apart and will eventually grow together to cover the slope.