Grubs in my compost bin

Asked August 24, 2018, 3:47 PM EDT

I have grubs/larvae in my black compost bin. From these pictures do know if they are good or bad for the compost?

Lane County Oregon

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The insects are the larvae (youngsters) of soldier flies, Hermetia illucens. They are normal inhabitants of overly wet, often stinky, compost.

"Black Soldier Flies" probably has more information than you expected to receive -

1. Is my compost too wet?
2. Will the compost with the larvae be bad for my garden when I mix it in next year?

Yes, your compost is too wet.
That often happens in small enclosed bins which receive only "wet" materials such as kitchen trimmings and fresh green waste & discards from the garden and landscape.

See "Big Maggots in Your Compost?" at