Does Hebe do well in Gearhart? Instead of the ubiquitous escallonia? How about Privet (Ligustrum)?

Asked August 24, 2018, 2:37 PM EDT

I have a new place at the coast and the yard is a blank canvas. There is 400' of chain link fence that I have painted black and now I'd like to hedge (mask) it. I am keeping it to try to deter (don't laugh) our four-legged herbivore friends AND we are on a tidal creek and I don't want any little people wandering into a creek. I have been stalking all the yards in town, and escallonia will get big enough to reroute the invaders, but it will close off the yard and the view. I really enjoy the non-stop show of critters in the water, besides, the only request from the spouse is that he likes the plain, open space of the yard there. (Our yard in Portland is a riot of plantings, garden-rooms, paths, decks, elements. It's pretty, but it's a lot. A lot of visual, a lot of WORK, and a my husband doesn't want to do much gardening down at the beach.) So, in Portland, I had planted some hebes (box-leaf hebe) to replace some ratty boxwoods and two years in, I love them! They are pretty, short, glossy and we have a real deer situation here in Portland, and they molest everything else in the front yard that they can but they don't touch the hebe. But I haven't seen a single ONE in Gearhart. Do you know if they can grow there? The other one I really love is privet. I had wanted that for my hedge in Portland, but was talked into yew bc it was 'deer-proof'. Well, no one told the deer who are dutifully eating ever bit of tender new growth. My test-privet is still in the front and doesn't have a single tooth mark. So I guess, follow up question is, how about privet in Clatsup County? What a long-winded question! But having all the info is helpful! Thanks!!!! Danni

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Yes, Hebe will do well in Gearhart as they enjoy cool summers and mild winter climates. The drainage where you plan to plant must be excellent as they are prone to root rot. There are many varieties of Hebe so be certain to purchase your plants from a nursery local to Gearhart so your nursery person can provide you with the best choice for your location.

Ligustrum will also do fine. The smaller leafed hardy privets are generally the ones used for hedging. Most privets grow well in any soil. Please be aware that the leaves and fruits cause gastric distress if ingested, so may not be the best choice if small children or pets will be in your garden.