Canning Pickled Snap Peas

Asked August 24, 2018, 1:17 PM EDT

Is it safe to can pickled snap peas (just like Dilly Beans)?

Klamath County Oregon

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They should be safe to pickle and process, but I would treat them more like cucumbers or asparagus- which means a 10 minute processing time instead of the 5 minutes for green beans. They may have tougher skins than green beans so will need a little more heat treatment to encourage the brine to penetrate and to heat them through so they are shelf stable. Strip the tough strings and snip off the blossom end of the pods. Be sure your brine recipe has at least as much vinegar as water to ensure safe acidity. Can only small, fresh pods.

They could also be refrigerated instead of processed.

This publication has additional information about pickling.

*Be sure to adjust processing time for your elevation!
Jar size pint: At an altitude of 0– 1,000 ft 10 min.
1,001– 6,000 ft 15 min.
above 6,001 ft 20 min.

Why do I cut of blossom end?

In some vegetables, there are enzymes in the blossom end that will act to soften the vegetable after it is picked. This is especially true in cucumbers and we don't know how much in other vine produce. Just snipping the tip will eliminate those enzymes and keep the pea pods more crisp. This will also allow the brine to penetrate the pods better.