Weird worm vs snake?

Asked August 24, 2018, 8:42 AM EDT

I live in Springfield, Mo. While walking my dog on a recent coolish summer morning the day after heavy rains the previous day I spied an unusual animal crawling on the curb. I did not have time to study it as thoroughly as I would have liked due to the pull of my dog and did not have my phone to take a picture.
I was abou 8-10" long, thin like a regular earth worm, skin that looked somewhat like it was scaled, earthworm colored with a long darker stripe down the center of its back. The oddest thing was that it had a small 'head' that fanned out like a ginko leaf and seemed to be scaling the concrete like a snail would. I would not swear to it but it seemed that the tail was blunt like a eraser end of a new pencil. I nudged it gently with my finger nail and it did not recoil, but continued to move slowly along the curb. Any idea what this creature was?

Greene County Missouri

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Hard to tell from you description, but we have a couple of options.

First, after a rain, the worms that we call night crawlers do come to the surface and look for high and dry spots. They do not like soggy soils.

There are a couple of small snakes that might fit your description. Find those descriptions on the MDC site.
To explore all snakes see their field guide.[0]=field_fg_types%3A5590&f[1]=typ...