Weed taking over

Asked August 23, 2018, 3:58 PM EDT

I have been battling this weed in the summer for several years. This year it has taken over my flower beds, it has spread all over my yard. I have used several apps to try and identify it with no success. There is a second weed not as rampant but I have been pulling it out and I have not been able to identify this either. This is grass like weed. Thank you for any help you can give me

Howard County Maryland

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The weed in your first photo is called Mulberry Weed. It is a summer annual, which means it started growing in the spring and is now producing "flowers"- those small pom-poms and will soon set seed.
They are really easy to pull, but make sure the whole thing comes out and doesn't just break at the base, or it will grow multiple branches and bloom again more, closer to the ground. Since they are this far along, bag them up and throw them away so the seeds can't ripen. There is likely an existing seed bank in the soil so they will sprout again next year. They are super easy to rake out or pull when they are small.
A pre-emergent like Preen may work to supress them. Read and follow the label.

Your second weed is the invasive Japanese Stiltgrass. It has become horribly widespread in our area. Here is our page about it: