Newly Discovered Lawn Tomatoes

Asked August 23, 2018, 1:56 PM EDT

Hi, I live in DeWitt Michigan and I recently discovered a thicket of tomatoes in my front lawn. It is the first summer we have lived at this address and didn't know we had a tomato plant. I am wondering if these are safe to consume and if they are, what type if sanitization method should I use? Should I wash with dish soap and water? I am concerned that A. wildlife in the area may have touched the tomatoes and spread germs and diseases (lyme disease?) and B. There are frequently deer and geese in my yard and is there possibly something wrong or contaminated with the tomatoes that would fend off wildlife from eating them because there are dozens of tomatoes in the bush. Thank you, B

Clinton County Michigan food safety tomatoes

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Hello, We do not recommend that you eat food from the garden that you do not know the provenance of.

Could you elaborate any on the other questions I asked about washing vegetables or reasons the wildlife would be leaving the tomatoes alone?

Hello I think all fruit and vegetables you bring into your house need to be washed with soap and water. I have no idea why the wildlife are not eating the tomatoes.