Septic and Well Systems+Power Washing

Asked August 23, 2018, 9:28 AM EDT

Hello, I would like to have my home power-washed. Since the house utilizes well and septic systems, I am mindful of the effects of harsh chemicals. Regarding professional power/pressure washer companies-Is there an environmentally acceptable cleaner that I should request? I know to avoid any cleaners that have bleach . How about the ones that are considered biodegradable? Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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We found the following information at this Extension link: 3

"Do cleaning products affect my system?

Cleaning products may alter the treatment process. When choosing a cleaning product, first read the label:

  • "Danger" means that the chemical will kill the microbes; use it rarely or never.
  • "Warning" means that limited use should not affect the system much.
  • "Caution" typically means that the product will have little effect on the system."
That said, you should also consider your landscape plants and how they might be affected.

We have found that power washing simply with the jetted water, without any additives can work pretty well.