What is the best source of nitrogen for vegetable garden

Asked August 22, 2018, 7:29 PM EDT

The soil sample from my vegetable garden was 5.1% organic matter, 98 ppm phosphorus and 257 ppm potassium. Th recommendation was to use a 33-0-0 fertilizer. What is the best fertilizer to use to add nitrogen but not potassium or phosphorus. i have about 2400 square foot of garden space. Thanks for your help!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Compost is an excellent source of nitrogen. The organic content of your soil is on the low side. It should be excess of 10%. Keep working compost into the garden. It would be best if this compost is at least six months old. Another source of nitrogen is ammonium nitrate but use it sparingly. It is also used in explosives so you may have trouble finding it.

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