Weeping cherry tree infected

Asked August 22, 2018, 3:15 PM EDT

Our first year in our new house and our weeping cherry seems to be dying off. I’m sure we have to spray it with something, just not sure what. Should we cut off everything that’s brown?

New Castle County Delaware

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It does appear that you have some dead branches that should be pruned out. It is difficult to tell what the problem, pest, or disease might be. It may be winter injury fro last season, or other environmental stress. any digging in that area in recent months? You have some fungi growing on a dead branch, a sure sign that the branch is dead and should be pruned off. Late season leaf spots are no worry and will not affect the long term health of the tree.

The issue with weeping cherry trees is that they are actually grafted onto a different cherry root stock or base trunk. So, the top of the tree is the portion which flowers nicely and has the weeping branches, while the trunk is more sturdy. I would contact a certified arborist to come and prune the tree, to make sure you don't prune below that graft union. Check online and look for the ISA designation to find someone, as I am not allowed to recommend one over another.

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