Grass Roots

Asked August 22, 2018, 9:29 AM EDT

I live in a mostly shaded area. I am finding my grass does not have deep roots. Because of this extreme heat and cold is killing the grass. It does not seem the grass is suffering from fungus or insects and I think the grass is getting enough water. Also I don't see much thatch present. I am left thinking it might be a soil problem. The soil is very rich from products like Leaf Grow that I use when I plant new seed every Spring and Fall. I am also buying well know seeds like Scotts Sun and Shade. Any ideas? Where can my soil get tested to see if that is the problem?

Montgomery County Maryland

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See our website on Growing Grass in the Shade. Soil testing is a good place to start.
See link below. You are probably dealing with competition from trees roots as well. Be sure to select a fine fescue grass seed, hard fescue is a good choice. Sow grass seed in early fall. Fertilize once a year in the fall. If not successfull, consider a groundcover instead of grass.