Worms in peaches

Asked August 22, 2018, 12:26 AM EDT

My peaches have worms and earwigs. What can I do to prevent this next year?

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Hello, thanks for the great pictures. It looks like you most likely have codling moth in your peaches. While peaches are not a preferred host, codling moth will attack peaches from time to time, especially if there are apple or pear trees with codling moth in the area. We have a project called "Happy Apples" which addresses codling moth in apples in our area. I suggest that you sign up to get the emails, only about 4-5 a season, which will help you manage the codling moth in your peaches next year. This project gives you information from cultural, organic chemical to synthetic chemical for you to choose management strategies. Here is the link to project Happy Apples, https://extension.oregonstate.edu/newsletter/project-happy-apples. If you choose spinosad as one of your chemical choices it will also help with the earwigs. Please be sure to read all instructions of any chemical you choose as some of these are harmful to bees and other beneficial insects if used inappropriately.