Can you identify this mushroom and is it edible?

Asked August 21, 2018, 9:01 PM EDT

Can you identify this mushroom and is it edible?

Stark County Ohio

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Typically, when identifying mushrooms, one needs multiple characteristics to examine such as color of the mushroom, color of the spores it produces, is it a gilled mushroom or is it a collection of tubes producing a pored surface, is it growing in association with other plants, etc. However, this particular specimen is relatively easy to ID. Its common name is Jack-O'Lantern Mushroom, Omphalotus illudens. It is NOT edible. It is considered to be toxic. This is a very common late summer and Autumn mushroom.

The jack-o'lantern mushroom typically grows in clusters where all of the mushroom stalks emerge from a common growing point where they emerge from the ground. Although they appear to be growing form the soil, they are connected below ground to a source of wood, i.e. tree roots. The following is a link to a web page with more information:

And another page:

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Thank you Curtis Y for your quick response to the question. Yes it is growing in my yard and there is no tree within 10 feet and the close tree is very small.
My cousins are mushroom hunters and could not identify it but did say not to eat it!

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