Yellow jackets

Asked August 21, 2018, 2:23 PM EDT

Small yellow jackets have built a nest in a tv box on the side of my house. They are not aggressive and not attracted to a trap. I have emptied four cans of spray in the nest area and although disturbed momentarily it has no effect. Do you have a solution?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Before trying to decide what the problem is, we need to have a positive identification of the insects you're trying to eradicate. Do you have a photo of the insect(s)? (Here's an Extension article about them, as well as their cousins, the paper wasps: Have you been having trouble with them biting you, or trying to get at your hamburger? This is an awful year for them, since they are in search of water (as well as protein to feed their young.) If you are using an insecticide specifically designed for bees and wasps, I don't understand why you are having difficulty killing them, assuming you're using it per label directions. But, if they're not harming you, try to live with them, since they are important pollinators, as the article indicates. If you can't live with them, you may need to contact a commercial insect control company. Good luck!

Cannot get a picture; they don't land. The yellow jacket type bees are small and non aggressive. They don't attack me or food. I have emptied two spray cans of Spectracide hornet and wasp killer and one can of Raid hornet and wasp killer and one can of another brand of hornet and wasp killer to no effect as well as hanging a yellow jacket trap near the entrance that has captured nothing. They seem to have a nest in my cable box or the siding behind it (It's hard to tell}. It is right next to my hose bib and my deck.

As I indicated earlier, anything that kills bees and wasps should kill these. I suggest you take whatever you have to the County Extension office at 200 Warner-Milne Road, Oregon City, between 9 and noon, and 1:00 and 4:00 work days. Good luck!