Can anyone identify this beetle?

Asked August 21, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT

Note - This not in a garden, it is in my home. It is very small. Appears to be brown but in some lights it also can look black. Has 6 legs plus 2 antennae. My wife said she saw one fly once. It mostly appears in bathrooms on tile floors and on hard counters. I have not found one in the kitchen. I have dug through all makeup containers and all food containers holding cereal, grains, flour, etc. I cannot find a colony of these darn things. I kill 20+ per day so they are living somewhere. They are definitely most prevalent in our master bathroom but again I can't find a source. They are simply 5 of them randomly spread out every time I go in there. Sorry I don't have better zooming ability. US quarter pictured. In the last photo on the right he is on his back trying to flip back over.

Washington County Minnesota bug identification

1 Response I think it is probably a flour beetle. The detail in the photo is not enough for me to be sure.