Crape Myrtle Tree Not Thriving

Asked August 21, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT

We have two crape myrtle trees that were planted in the fall of 2016. One isn't doing as well as the other, and it has some yellow leaves and some with spots. I'd like to know if you can tell us what is wrong and what to do. I am attaching two photos of the problem tree and one of both trees. The leaves of the second tree look fine.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Even though the trees were planted at the same time each tree is on its own root system and planted in different locations. Your tree is struggling to establish itself and does not look healthy. Some factors include not enough moisture when the tree was planted, girdling roots, poor drainage, planting too deeply, were the roots teased apart so they can establish into the native soil, etc. Take a look at our website for the planting process, our video, and after care.

At this point, we recommend that you remove and replace with a new plant. If you want to replace with a new crape myrtle, look for powdery mildew resistant varieties. There should be quite a few choices in nurseries and garden centers now.
Otherwise, wait until next spring season to plant.