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Asked August 21, 2018, 10:26 AM EDT

I have numerous feeders attached at the top of a 2.5" PVC pipe. It works very well keeping squirrels and other pests away. However, we added an Oriole feeder that holds jam and this got a raccoon's attention. He can climb the PVC pole and empty the feeder. My question: Will attaching 26 gauge aluminum vent pipe that will swivel take care of the problem. The pipe is two foot long and I'm thinking of attaching it about four foot off the ground (the top end), so the bottom will be two foot from the ground, going up another two foot. Will drill a hole at the top and slide a bolt through the aluminum and PVC pipe so it will swivel at the top.

Jackson County Michigan birds raccoons

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I am not sure. It seems like it would work if the raccoon can't use the pipe seam to climb