Asked August 21, 2018, 10:23 AM EDT

Hi im interested in learning more about greenhouse building. Will there be any classes offered this year

Lapeer County Michigan

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It is important to distinguish between greenhouses (covered with glass or rigid plastic) and hoophouses or high tunnels (covered with plastic film). MSU Extension is not offering greenhouse building classes, that I know of. Nor is the MSU Student Organic Farm, that I know of. A class that results in a full construction is usually serendipitous, and arranged around someone who is paying for it on their property and agrees to make a class or community work bee out of it, like an Amish barn-raising. They are not usually built and deconstructed simply for demonstration. But, sometimes the process is well documented.

Here is a thesis written about a grant-funded hoophouse construction project for a school:

Here is another resource with thorough information on high tunnel construction:

If you would like one-on-one hoophouse building training, I suggest contacting one of the companies that build them on contract to shadow an installation.

Ken Day, from Hortmark in Capac:
Jeff McCabe, from Nifty Hoops in Ann Arbor:

I know of a couple retired farmers with hoophouses for sale as well. They may offer some insight. Contact me directly for their contact information:

Hey, heads up. Here is a hoophouse raising work bee happening near you, from 5 - 8 September. See what I mean? They come and go quick.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for all the info. While I'm not 100% certain what type of structure we will do, what we are planning on is a permanent greenhouse attached to our house, with windows for passive solar heating, and would like to learn more about that. Someone had suggested MSU extension to me to try and get more info.


Ah, I see. Well, Grower's Supply is a good place to look for kits.

Regarding the lean-to fashion of your design, you migjt consider a local company, who may offer consultation for a good fit. Backyard Greenhouses has a location in Dearborn, MI.