Sunflower height

Asked August 20, 2018, 10:55 PM EDT

Thank you for the information. Can you offer tips to getting sunflower to grow tall. Almost came in last in our sunflower contest. Want to be competitive next year. Can you suggest a sunflower that is known for height. Used Mammoth seeds . Thanks

Marion County Oregon

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Ah! So competition is your goal.

Well, Mammoth is a good start—really the classic giant variety, but there are new options.

Variety Height

American Giant 14 feet
Cyclops 15 feet
Giganteus 10 feet
Kong 12 feet
Mammoth Russian 12 feet
Paul Bunyan 13-15 feet

I attached a link to an article from a seed company who offers Sunzilla sunflowers. It has lots of tips for growing competitively large plants. Here are a few to get you started:

Remember that they need fertilizer through the growing season.

Give each plant plenty of room to grow.

Don’t forget to water well, during our hottest summer days.

Find even more here:

And good luck next summer.