Red pine tree branches are turning brown and limp

Asked August 20, 2018, 8:54 PM EDT

Hello, I had ( 9) 20 Ft Norway Pines installed in May, 2018. In early August, I noticed 4 of the trees displaying branches that are turning brown and looking limp. All 9 have been pretty well watered since installation but the 4 with distress are definitely getting less sun than the others . Over the years, we’ve installed many types of trees from seedlings to 20 foot trees and beside typical deer browsing, have never run into a problem like this. I’m suspecting some type of bug or disease may be causing the problems with the red pines . Any help would be much appreciated . Thank you, Pat

Cass County Minnesota red pine

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Wilted branches are often caused by insect damage. Often times if you break the branch open, you will find the perpetrator or their evidence.

Compare to images here:

I'm leaning towards the Pine Shoot Beetle.

Thank you . I will spray the trees , remove dead growth and keep fingers crossed!