planting under a red maple.

Asked August 20, 2018, 1:11 PM EDT

Is there something I should know before planting under a red maple ?

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There is nothing specific to maples that affects planting under them. However, there are some common considerations for planting under trees in general.

First, be careful of the trees roots when landscaping around a tree. Much of the root structure is in the top few inches of soil and many trees don't handle mistreating their root systems very well. This means not only avoiding a lot of digging and cutting roots, but also don't raise the soil grade in any significant way.

Second, anything you plant under the tree will compete for light, nutrients and water. So don't plant things that need a lot of water unless you are prepared to supply it. And don't plant things that need full sun, especially under a maple, which is especially shady.

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