Walnuts In Oregon

Asked August 19, 2018, 5:51 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Corbett and have been trying to find a good crop for the farm we're taking over (< 10 acres). I like that Walnuts will grow large and am prepared to find additional species of plants and trees that I may be able to grow beneath them. What sort of concerns should I have for the climate in my area in regards to Tulare & Chandler English Walnut trees? I was told by the owner of the farm in California that it wasn't worth my time, but upon all my research have found nothing suggesting that is true. You [OSU] have even published a paper for commercial Walnut cultivators, "Growing Walnuts in Oregon." Will these trees grow in my area? What are the biggest seasonal concerns I should be focused on that may impair the ability for my trees to maintain maximum productivity?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Walnuts were once a major crop in OR. "Chandler" has been grown, but I don't know about "Tulare", it is a bit earlier then Chandler. Tulare is self-pollinating so that is an advantage. The risk with the earlier cultivars is they may leaf out earlier and be more susceptible to spring frost.

I would say the biggest concern for walnut growers is marketing the nuts. There are very few processors that take them anymore.

I would also carefully consider your soil type, your site would preferably have good drainage with a deep loamy soil.

Walnut husk fly is consistently problematic but manageable.