How to get rid of maggots in a compost bin?

Asked August 19, 2018, 2:16 PM EDT

I have a compost bin that is like a garbage can, and I have drilled holes in the bottom to drain the water. I put my green waste in daily and I have had this bin for about 5 months. Lately I have seen hundred if maggots, and am nervous. I have also seen an increase of flies in my kitchen. Please help?


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Thank you for your question. The fact that you are seeing more in the house is more of a prevention issue than one relating to compost. You may be adding too much green material, since it is only supposed to be 1/3, max, of a compost bin. Here is an Extension article with assistance in filling your composting system with the right mix: Here is an Extension article that explains the 'who, what and why' of the flies: