Grass dead

Asked August 19, 2018, 1:02 PM EDT

I live in condo so I made a pee area for my dogs. Small plastic pool with dirt and sod. At first looked great but now it brownish yellow. Have not trained dogs on it so I know it’s not urine. I punched holes in the bottom but don’t know if the drainage is enough. It’s summer and hot. Too much or not enough water?

Kern County California

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Thanks for your question. It appears to have had too little water, but I can’t tell whether it is still alive or not, from your photo. Many grasses brown in the summer, but come back on the spring. Once a plant is dead, it’s really impossible to diagnose why. If it shows no sign of life, start over. Just know that the urea (nitrogen) in your dogs’ urine will eventually kill whatever variety of grass you plant. Good luck!