Pasture Renovation

Asked August 18, 2018, 7:22 PM EDT

I am currently renovating about 20 acres of pasture in the Lacomb area. We have foothill bottom-land soils. Tall Fescue and Orchard grass dominate where blackberries have not invaded the meadows. We'd like to have our grass tested for edophyte toxin. Where do we take samples for testing? Also we'd like to get some recommendations for over-seeding to improve the forage for cattle, sheep, poultry and wildlife. Who is the right person to talk to about this? The property is new to us; we've owned it about a year. thank you. Eric C.

Linn County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out to Extension. Looks like there are two parts to your question.

1) Endophyte Testing - You will want to contact our OSU Endophyte Service Lab to discuss your situation and how/when to test:

The OSU Endophyte Service Laboratory can measure amounts of specific
endophyte alkaloids in hay, straw, and screening pellets. Testing for the ergot alkaloid ergovaline and indole-diterpene lolitrem B is available to the public. Oregon grass seed producers who ship straw internationally
also use this service. Many countries require certification that toxin levels are below the thresholds for producing animal disease. Send samples and payment to Endophyte Service Laboratory, 139 Oak Creek Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331. Call for current fees (541-737-2872)

For additional reading on Endophyte Toxins and how it may relate to your land please see our publication,Endophyte toxins in Grass and other Feed sources:

2) As for your pasture management question, please review the following resources on our Pasture Management Page and if you have any follow up questions you can contact Melissa Fery in our Small Farms Team -
Happy Farming!