Favorite hostas are making me sad!

Asked August 18, 2018, 5:44 PM EDT

My once beautiful favorite group of hosta has LARGE holes. I have treated thes plants with many different kinds of slug bait even including the beer method. Nothing has worked and the holes are worse. They are surrounded with mulch and my husband has watered his "moss" path (which the hosta touch) too often. Other hosta plants border both sides of this path and are not affected with any kind of stress. What can I do to prevent the loss of my favorite hosta - remove infected leaves, - remove the plant entirely - eliminate all themulch - no more watering the path? please help. this hosta is not named - it is a brighter lime green with a darker green border. Thank you! .

Scott County Minnesota

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A photo would be very helpful.
Holes in the leaves are often from slugs and the holes get bigger as the leaves get bigger. Holes can be caused by damage from something hitting the leaves like hail etc. What other signs are the infected leaves showing besides holes?