Peach tree is dropping leaves

Asked August 18, 2018, 10:37 AM EDT

Hi - I'm hoping you can help. My 3-year-old peach tree bore fruit for the first time this year - and in the massive rainstorms all the barely-ripe fruit vanished (birds?) and now the tree is losing leaves rapidly...several branches are completely bare. It definitely isn't due to underwatering, though possibly overwatering...I don't see any obvious signs of leaf curl. What can I do to save it? Thanks!

Baltimore Maryland fruit abiotic issues

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We can't discern any obvious disease or insect pests issues.

It would have been best to strip off all flowers and fruits this year to give the tree more time to establish a strong root system and tree structure. Do this next year.

Your tree needs full sun, now and when it's full-grown. Crowding and shading will weaken the tree and reduce fruiting.

Remove the sod around the trunk and replace it with compost and a layer of an organic mulch. This will reducecompetition with the turf and protect the trunk from lawnmowers and weedeaters.

The foliage is off-color. Please read our information about peach and follow the recommendations for fertilizing (you can substitute fertilizers); also for pruning.

Peach has many pest and disease problems. You will probably start to see these problems showing up in your tree. Please read about pest management and be prepared to address problems in the future: jt