Drooping honeycrisp

Asked August 18, 2018, 10:27 AM EDT

Hi there! Two years ago we planted two apple trees, a zestae and a honeycrisp. They are planted about 8-10 feet apart. The zestar is thriving, however, the honeycrisp is drooping over. I can’t imagine what is going on with the honeycrisp. The bark on the trunk looks fine, it is producing apples, but it won’t stand up straight. I am tempted to remove all the apples, but don’t know if that will help at all. Thanks in advance for your time! Lisa

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

The tree does need to be straightened. Removing this year's crop prematurely will not improve the situation.

Following is information about ways to straighten the tree. However, if the task seems daunting, we recommend asking a certified arborist to do the job. If you do hire an arborist, ask about how to manage the trees' growth in relationship to the limited growing space (overhead wires and proximity to the house). This will need ongoing attention as the trees mature.

Also, FYI, the honeycrisp tree is exhibiting leaf curl and mottling associated with a physiological condition specific to this variety called honeycrisp leaf complex or honeycrisp leaf zonal chlorosis. Go here to learn more about that: