ant problem

Asked August 17, 2018, 4:35 PM EDT

Our problem with ants is getting greater each year. We have bought some spectricide ant poison which can be used around the entire foundation as well as the lawn area. I hate to do this but believe it's necessary. Would it be better to wait till spring to attack the problem? Was wondering if the poison would loose it efficacy over the winter if we used it on the lawn now. Thank you. Elaine Thies

Anoka County Minnesota

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It is a contact killer which starts working as soon as you apply it. I don't see why you would wait until next spring if you have problems now. You may need to apply again next year as well if you are out in your lawn a lot. If you aren't active in your yard you could just apply around the foundation to keep them out of the house. Most ants are not really a serious lawn pest. According to the label it is a pretty toxic product and you should read and follow the directions. Take note that it says it needs to be watered in before it is safe for children or pets but do not apply in rain.