rose of sharon shrub, has many buds, but buds don't flower

Asked August 17, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT

our rose of sharon is 3 years old, it has many buds, but the buds have never opened and flowered, they open just a wee bit. only have seen one or two flowers over its life it is planted on the south side of our property and gets full sun, it is planted just at the drip line of a 50 plus year old magnolia tree, we have another rose of sharon on the other corner, planted by it self, facing south, that does very well can you suggest why it isn't flowering, does its position next to the magnolia have an effect, does it need more ferilization

Baltimore County Maryland

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We can't say for sure why the buds are not opening, but here are a few thoughts:

The shrub is young and competing with the root system of a competative tree. Give it time.

It is not getting enough water at crucial times for the buds to open. Water during summer droughts. Again, the magnolia will out-compete it for water. Is it on a slope? Rain runs off instead of soaking into the soil. Slow down the runoff.

Open the buds and look for blackened interior, indicating a fungal problem. Examine leaves and buds for aphids.

Occasionally, a plant is just inferior and never performs normally. Give it a few years and if it doesn't improve, try moving it to a new location or throw it out.