Lawn diseases and broadleaf weeds. I've been fighting them all summer.

Asked August 17, 2018, 4:02 PM EDT

I acquired a fungal disease (brown spot) and also been overcome by clover and some crabgrass in certain areas. I treated the yard with a fungicide and it seems to be doing better. Will our harsh winters eliminate the fungus or do I need to do something next year to ensure that it doesn't come back? Is there a specific product you recommend? As far as the broadleaf weeds go, is it too late in the season to apply a weed & feed product. When is the cutoff that you'd recommend. In regard to the crabgrass, historically, I've avoided using a Halts (sp?) product in the spring, since I usually want to plant some grass in spots and the Halts restricts how soon after application that grasses can be planted. What are your thoughts about these issues? Are there non-chemical solutions that can help prevent the fungus, clover or crabgrass problems I'm experiencing.

Morrison County Minnesota lawn management

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Really wet years like we had earlier in the summer, it's really hard to avoid fungi on just about everything. With the weather drying out, I suspect you will see a reduction of the fungus in your grass. I don't think that the cold over the winter will kill the fungus.

You will want to do broadleaf control this fall. I'm going to include a few links below that will be helpful for renovating your lawn. There are a lot of non chemical recommendation listed.