Fire Blight

Asked August 17, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT

I have fire blight on my raspberries and in parts of my flower garden. I have been treating with copper sulfate and continuing to cut out the bad canes using bleach water in between cuttings. Is there anything else I can treat with or do to get rid of this??

Kent County Michigan

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Fireblight is caused by the bacterium, Erwinia amylovora. It is a serious disease that affects new leaves, fruit, flowers, and stems of over 75 species of trees and shrubs in the rose family including: apple, crabapple, hawthorn, pear, pyracantha, cotoneaster, spirea, flowering quince, and mountain-ash. Temperature, humidity, insect vectors, and wounding can all affect the severity of infection. Perennial and annual flowers are typically not affected. Below are links to the information you requested.

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