Small private airfield to install best grass?

Asked August 17, 2018, 10:14 AM EDT

What would be the best grass to install for a small airfield ? What do you think of Zoyia ??? I understand they have different crossbreeds or species............can you help ?

Hillsdale County Michigan

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Zoysia grass is a warm season grass slow to establish in Michigan. As a warm season grass it does not green up in early to mid spring unless we get unusually warm weather. I would not recommend this grass. A runway requires a grass that can handle heavy traffic. The types of grasses that handle traffic for sports fields are turf type tall fescue or a mix of Kentucky bluegrass and Perennial ryegrass. Tall fescue type grasses have the advantage of larger root mass which means better drought hardiness. If you do go with Tall Fescue (turf type) be sure to get a blend of several different tall fescue cultivars. Use of multiple cultivars can help prevent spread of disease and improves overall hardiness. I could not find any site showing recommended grass types based on research, only recommendations from other pilots. If I find anything more from any of our turf grass specialists on campus, I will respond further to your question.