Monster Spiders

Asked August 16, 2018, 11:43 PM EDT

I knocked down a long, conical
shaped nest made of mud. Much to my surprise came out alive very large brown spiders and babies. The spiders had horizontal stripes down their legs and very large bellies with white diamonds. After stepping on one, and the mud came out of the stomach, I realized they had the ability to make the mud. Do you know what the name of this spider is?


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I believe the conical mud tube was made by a mud dauber wasp as a home in which to lay her eggs. The female mud dauber find spider and injects them with a naturally occurring chemical that paralyses the spider. She then puts the spider in the tube, lays an egg then seals the tube. There can be many spiders stored in the tubes and several eggs laid. Once the tube is sealed the spider cannot get out. It is possible the paralyzing chemical wore off, or more likely one spider put in the tube had an egg sac on it body/back when stored. Another source reports mud daubers keeping live spiders captive in the tube to defend it from other predators. I cannot identify the spiders just from your description.

Carol Quish