Do I wanna know?

Asked August 16, 2018, 5:03 PM EDT

Can you tell me what this is and how I should get rid of it?

Outside United States

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Thank you for contacting eXtension. What is your geographic location? Our form says only “Outside United States”, so it would be helpful to have this information before forwarding your question to an expert.

Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Canada

More information could be helpful. Have you seen any insects coming in or out of it? has it caused you any problems? how long has it been there?

I think two weeks. Havnt seen any insect
hasn’t bothered us.

I am not sure, and I am not familiar with the fauna of that particular area, so I reassigned the question to someone who could help us out. best of luck!

This looks to be the nest of a mud dauber. If you break it open, You will see several chambers divided by a thin mud wall and there are likely paralyzed spiders in there that serve as meals for the developing wasp larva. Sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it?