Looking for Evergreen Tree Recommendations?

Asked August 16, 2018, 12:08 PM EDT

Live in Blaine (Anoka County) and was looking for evergreen tree recommendations. I'm looking for a fast growing evergreen for sandy and partially moist soil that can partially tolerate some shade (there are some surrounding trees, it won't be in the open), but should receive several hours of sunlight per day. In a similar spot I have an American Tamarack (Larch) that is thriving, I'd like to add a true evergreen for year round privacy. Size wise I'd like trees that get to be fairly large (40'+ tall and 20'+ wide). Based on other articles the initial list I've compiled is: White Spruce Norway Spruce (don't believe it's native to MN, is it recommended for MN?) Balsam Fir (tolerates shade but slow growth rate) White Pine (somewhat susceptible to deer) Any guidance/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Anoka County Minnesota

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You can see the characteristics of these and other evergreens at the following websites. The second site describes growing requirement in detail. All of your selection should be good with sandy soil. If you have deer browsing you will want to avoid white pine or plan to protect it with screening. 1. https://extension.umn.edu/trees-and-shrubs/choosing-evergreens-your-landscape 2. http://dotapp7.dot.state.mn.us/plant/faces/apps/resultList.jsp