Whole blackberry preserves using paragon wax on top

Asked August 15, 2018, 4:25 PM EDT

I have some old glass top 1/2 pint jars. Cannot find the gaskets anymore that fit these jars. So I wanted to use paragon wax on top. Then put the glass lids on. I want to leave the seeds in the preserves. Do you have a recipe for this?

Linn County Oregon

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Paraffin or wax sealing of jars is no longer considered an acceptable choice for sealing sweet spreads. Any pinholes, shrinkage or cracks in the wax paraffin allow molds to contaminate and grow on the product. In addition, leaks or holes in the paraffin can allow product to seep out during storage. Once on the surface, this seeping product will provide nutrients for molds to grow on the surface and enter into the jam or jelly in the jar. This would be true even if the glass lid was on the jar.

If you are using a recipe with a moderate amount of sugar, as opposed to old-fashioned, extremely high sugar preserve recipe, mold is even more likely.

You could refrigerate the preserves in the jars to lengthen the storage time. Molds are very slow growing at refrigerator temperatures.

If you want these preserves to be thick enough to spread on bread, I would suggest using a commercial pectin to allow you to be sure the preserve sets. Blackberries are quite juicy and are notorious for creating a runny product.

Here is a link to a blackberry jam recipe. https://www.freshpreserving.com/mixed-berry-jam---4-jar-stovetop-can-it-forward-day---ball-recipes-br1315.html While it says it can be used for mixed berries, plain blackberries work fine.

There are always reliable recipes in the pectin packages. Pectins are available in all supermarkets and many department stores that carry kitchen items.